What is Satellite Direct exactly?

satellite direct

Satellite Direct is currently the best Tv on PC programs that enable you to watch Tv on your PC. You can access over 3,500 channels directly on your PC or laptop.

As seen on Tv, Satellite Direct allow you to:

  • Watch OVER 3,500 CHANNELS
  • Channels come from 96 countries
  • No need to install hardware
  • No subscriptions (monthly fees) as this is a one time fee
  • Watch hi-quality movies
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Fire your Tv cable forever!
  • 24/7 access
  • Watch Tv anytime and anywhere - since this can be installed on your laptop for mobile purposes
  • Auto channel updates

And, for Mac lovers, you too now can use Satellite Direct as it’s now support Mac system.

This blog is not the official site of Satellite Direct. This is just a review of it. You can follow the link below to visit the Satellite Direct’s official site:

—> Click here to visit Satellite Direct’s official site

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How Satellite Direct work?

Satellite Direct taps over 3,500 Tv channels worldwide over the internet. All the money you pay is only one time fee with the amount of less than one month of your monthly Tv cable’s bill.

You don’t need an antenna, receiver or satellite dish. Even you don’t need any other equipment beside your PC or laptop itself. After purchasing Satellite Direct, you’ll have to download the program and install into your computer, login to your account and watch the thousands of channels directly. You can do it anytime and anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection.

And here is your Satellite Direct interface will look like:

satellite direct interface

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Satellite Direct Country of Channels

You can get channels from all of these countries:

Algeria Greece Poland
Albania Guatemala Romania
Armenia Haiti Russia
Argentina Honduras San Marino
Australia Hungary Senegal
Azebaijan Iceland Serbia
Austria India Singapore
Bahamas Indonesia Slovakia
Belaruse Ireland Slovenia
Belgium Israel South Africa
Bhutan Italy South Korea
Bolivia Japan Spain
Brazil Kazakhstan Sri Lanka
Brunei Lebanon Sudan
Bulgaria Lithuania Sweden
Canada Macedonia Switzerland
Chile Malaysia Syria
China Mexico Taiwan
Columbia Moldova Tajikistan
Costa Rica Monaco Thailand
Croatia Montenegro Tunisia
Cyprus Morocco Turkey
Czech Netherlands Tuvalu
Denmark New Zealand Uganda
Ecuador Nicaragua Ukraine
Egypt Norway United Kingdom
Estonia Panama United States of America
Fiji Pakistan Uruguay
Finland Paraguay Uzbekistan
France Peru Vatican
Georgia Philippines Venezuela
Germany Portugal Vietnam

—> Click here to visit Satellite Direct’s official site

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What Satellite Direct’s users said about this program?

Maria Albany from New York, USA said:

“I was amazed by Satellite Direct large collection of channels. Even my Tv cable had only a quarter of their content. I think this is a great stuff!”

Sylvia R. from Seattle, WA said:

“It really does as promised. Very large of channels to select and very easy to use. I give Satellite Direct score of A+++”

Jason Montreal from Canada said:

“After purchasing the Satellite Direct, I hooked my PC’s screen to 32″ because I got a very good quality of picture, sound and I really love it”

—> Click here to visit Satellite Direct’s official site

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What kind of channels Satellite Direct have?


Below are some of the kind of the channels based on main categories:

Business: Sports: Tv Shows:
Business News Baseball Network Reality
Business Shows World Soccer Talks
Stock Market Updates Racing Soaps
Financial News Game Sports Tv Talks
World Business News Basketball Cartoons
Major News Channels ESPN News Comedies
and more EuroSports Tv Crime
Entertainment: News: Medical
Comedy Shows BBC News 24 Late Night
Documentaries CNN-IBN and more
Late Night Tv Pentagon Channel
Game Shows CNN Music:
NBC News 80′s Hits
Movies: C-SPAN 1 Classic Rock
Action ABC News Now Jazz
Sci-Fi Eyewitness news Top 40
New Releases Sky News Australia 90′s Hits
Suspense Country
Horror Local: Rap
Classics Local News Techno
Animated Local Sports Alternative Rock
Comedy Local Tv Show Hip Hop
Documentaries Public Access Channels Rock
and more and more and more

—> Click here to visit Satellite Direct’s official site

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How is the procedure to get and watch the Satellite Direct channels?

watch tv on pc

It is easy as 1-2-3:

First, buy Satellite Direct from its official site. After your payment process complete, you will need to register yourself to create your account with Satellite Direct.

Second, download the program from the member area. Install it into your PC or laptop, anywhere you want.

Third, choose your favorite channel and have enjoy it.

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How to get Satellite Direct at the lowest price?

40 percent off

The Satellite Direct’s normal price is $49.95 one time fee. But, if you go to their official site through the link below (or above), you’ll get a special rate of $29.95 one time fee.

What you have to do is:

Click the official site’s link below (or above). After the official site opened, close your window, it will open a pop up window with their customer service chat online. Chat with them and they will offer you a special discount if you buy now. They will say:

“I am authorized to offer you our software for only $29.95 saving you 40% (regular price $49.95)! To take advantage of this limited promotion please CLICK HERE”

So, simply click the “CLICK HERE” link they provide, and you’ll be redirected to a secret page with price of only $29.95. You’ll get the same Satellite Direct, the same channels, the same service and support, the same money back guarantee, but with a 40% cheaper price!

—> Click here to visit Satellite Direct’s official site

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